RITTO 2016


The first Junior tournament to take place in Romania began this morning in Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania. 42 players from the following countries are participating: Chile, GB, Greece, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, USA. All the teams are really enthusiastic about the junior tournament as Eric Pattison from the USA said: “The junior tournament is a wonderful idea to motivate and encourage young table tennis players. It’s great to see such young talent playing. I hope it starts something bigger in the future for us all”. Two Romanian Junior players are taking part Ioana Tepelea (16 years old) and Daniel Ionita (18 years old).


The finals of the RITTO junior tournament finished and our two players both won medals:

Tepelea Ioana (16 years) won the gold medal

Ionita Daniel (18) won the bronze medal


RITTO Seniors Cluj Napoca, Romania 23-25 June 2016

176 players from 31 countries including the Brazil team have arrived in Cluj to play in the 9th edition of RITTO. The Cluj mayor, Emil Boc was present at the Opening Ceremony and wished everyone success. He also promised that he would personally make sure that next year RITTO would be played at the Sala Poliventa in Cluj. Romania has 26 players entered in the competition but only a few have entered into the finals: Dacian Makszin, Petru Ifrosa, Bobi Simion, Daniel Dinca while Gabriela Constantin, Ioana Tepelea, and Dorina Vargatu are already assured of a medal in their classes.




The resoults at seniors are: 

Singles feminin Team feminin
Class 4  – 5 – 3rd place – Vargatu Dorina

Class 7 – 2nd place – Constantin Gabriela

4th place – Bucur Livia

Class 8 – 10 – 1st place – Tepelea Ioana

 Class 6 – 7 – 3rd place – Constantin Gabriela & Bucur Livia

Class 8 – 10 – 3rd place – Stanescu Marioara & Medina Josephine (PHI)

4th place – Hriscu Florentina & Tepelea Ioana

Men singles Men team
Class 3 – 3rd place – Makzsin Dacian

Class 4 – 3rd place – Ifrosa Petru

Class 4 – 3rd place – Makzsin Dacian &Ifrosa Petru

Class 6 – 3rd place – Simion Bobi & Draghici Cristian