National Championships of Bowling for the Visually Impaired

19-21 April 2013


Cincis in county Hunedoara was host to the 48 athletes who participated in the national championships of nine pin bowling for the visually impaired.  In the team competition first place was taken by Mures, 2nd was Satu Mare and Bacau came third. In the play off in order to choose the national team who will represent

Romania in the forthcoming European Championships in Apatin, Serbia from the 21-26 May the following athletes won places: Pop Dorel,Vaduva Dumitru, Damian Vasile, Oreian Tiberiu, Ordog Levente, Hejas Arpad, Negrilescu Elena, Soldan Daniela si Boanda Claudia. We would like to thank the ANR branch in Hunedoara for the effort taken and the excellent conditions offered for this championship.After two thrilling days medals were awarded to the following athletes:


 Categoria B1 masculin: 
Locul I Vaduva Dumitru (Gorj)
Locul II Pop Dorel (Maramures)
Locul III Pop Viorel (Mures)

Categoria B2 masculin:
Locul I Damian Vasile (Bacau)
Locul II Oreian Tiberiu (Mures)
Locul III Mazuru George (Iasi)

Categoria B3 masculin:
Locul I Ordog Levente (Mures)
Locul II Hejas Arpad (Mures)
Locul III Gyorfi Mozes (Mures)

Categoria B1 feminin:
Locul I Damian Laura (Bacau)
Locul II Negrilescu Elena (Sibiu)
Locul III Chiran Didina (Prahova)

Categoria B2 feminin
Locul I Soldan Daniela (Iasi)
Locul II Herciu Livia (Sibiu)
Locul III Samu Paraschiva (Satu Mare)

Categoria B3 feminin:
Locul I Boanda Claudia (Mures)
Locul II Balint Lilioara (Bacau)
Locul III Codrea Angela (Satu Mare)

With such good results realised we are hoping that in the European Championships we can win at least two medals in Serbia.