International Easter Cup Moabit, Berlin, 2-5 aprile 2015

The Romanian National team took part in the International Easter Cup Moabit, Berlin, 2-5 aprile 2015 for the first time. It was an amazing experience . Romania won two matches against ISV Henvelo, The Netherlands and BG Hamburg West, Germany but were beaten by Jena Caputs Germany, ALBA Berlin Basketballteam e.V., Germany and the Nigeria team. They finished in 4th place after a play off with the Nigeria team.

The romanian team was formed by the following players:

1. Vrabie Gelu (Temerarii Arad)
2. Mot Alex (Temerarii Arad)
3. Grosu Ionut (Temerarii Arad)
4. Mititelu Daniel (Temerarii Arad)
5. Strachinaru Florin (CR Brasov)
6. Punga Petru (CR Brasov)
7. Chiaburu Ionica (CR Brasov)
8. Trandafir Marian (CR Brasov)
9. Ifrosa Petru (Lamont, Clu)
10. Diaconu Alexandru (Lamont, Clu)

1. Dronca Gabriel
2. Gomoescu Eugen
3. Mihai Viseroiu


International Open Wheelchair Basketball, Varna Bulgaria 10-13 September

The Romanian basketball team are taking part in an international tournament in Varna, Bulgaria with teams from three other countries: Bulgaria – 2 teams (Varna and Sofia); Turkey and Bosnia. In their first match Romania lost narrowly to the Turkish team- Kirklareli 39-46. Finally Romania won their matches against the two Bulgarian teams- Sofia and Varna, taking 3rd place at a high level tournament.