International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) Training Camp

Cluj, 9-11 July 2013 and the 1st Balkan Cup tournament, 12-13 July

This was the third training camp in Romania held by the IWBF, the first being in Cluj in 2011, the 2nd in Arad last year.  The team from the IWBF were Maurice Hammerton (GB), IWBF Development Officer, Douwe de Wit (Netherlands), Coach, Hans Vorsteveld (Netherlands), Classifier who classified all players present. Three young players from the NPC Serbia and one coach and four from the NPC Bulgaria plus 2 coaches joined us in order to make a joint international training camp: the youngest player overall was from Bulgaria, just ten years old.  Altogether there were 30 participants – 23 from Romania and 7 from Bulgaria/Serbia. The Romanian players were as follows: 5 players from the Constanta club; 2 players from Lugoj; 5 players from Cluj Lamont Sports Club; 6 players from Arad, 5 from Brasov plus 3 Romanian trainers. The training sessions were split into two per day: 10am – 13.00 and 16.00 – 19.00. The trainers were excellent and kept the players motivated and interested and a lot of very hard training was accomplished.  On the morning of day 4 the first Balkan tournament took place. As there were 5 teams: Arad, Brasov, Bulgaria/Serbia, Cluj and Constanta there were ten matches played as a round robin event.  The results were as follows: 1st place Bulgaria/Serbia; 2nd place- Lamont Sports Club, Cluj; 3rd place –Brasov. It was a very good training camp; the IWBF staff were excellent and every player learnt a great deal.

We look forward to continuing this marvelous cooperation with IWBF which has made such a difference to the raising of the level and the attraction of new players to wheelchair basketball in Romania. ‘


International Tournament of Wheelchair Basketball 6-9 September, Varna, Bulgaria

An international competition of wheelchair basketball consisting of 6 teams: Istanbul (Turkey), Varna (Bulgaria), Sofia (Bulgaria), Odessa (Ukraine), Gomel (Belarus) , In perioda 6-9 septembrie 2013 la Varna , Bulgaria  o competitie internationala de baschet in fotoliu rulant. Au participat 6 echipe: Istanbul (Turcia), Varna(Bulgaria), Sofia (Bulgaria), Odessa (Ucraina), Gomel (Belarus) and the National RomanianTeam.

The national Romanian team consisted of 12 players from many clubs.

–          Gabriel Dronca (Temerarii Arad)

–          Gelu Vrabie (Temerarii Arad)

–          Ionut Grosu (Temerarii Arad)

–          Constantin Bracon (Temerarii Arad)

–          Petru Ifrosa (Lamont Cluj)

–          Alexandru Diaconu (Lamont Cluj)

–          Robert Otvos (Lamont Cluj)

–          Mihai Gaita (Lamont Cluj)

–          Ion Chiaburu (Brasov)

–          Petru Punga (Brasov)

–          Florin  Strachinaru (Brasov)

–          Daniel Mititelu (Constanta)

The trainer was Madalina Palie from Arad.

The results were:

–          Romania  – Turcia      29:78

–          Romania – Belarus     58:11

–          Romania – Sofia         47:12

–          Romania – Odessa      51:16

–          Romania – Varna        29:33

So finally Istanbul, Turkey won 1st place, Varna, Bulgaria obtained 2nd place while Romania won 3rd place.