Paralympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016

Paralympic Games, Rio 2016

3rd place

Alex Bologa won the first medal for the Romanian Paralympic Team – a bronze at the -60kg .
Look at the medal which is a very special medal, written in braille and when shaken has a rattling sound which the visually impaired can hear.
Congratulations – Bravo – there are not enough words to say how happy we are for Alex and his trainer Tomi!


Para Canoe

4th place 

Mihaela Lulea and Iulian Serban entered the finals of the K3 Para-Canoe event. Both of them were very near to winning a bronze medal but it was not to be – they missed it by less than a second. However, it is a great result for our two athletes who participated in the Paralympic Games, in a new paralympic sport only approved as such in 2010.