12th November 2016
The National Paralympic Committee
The National Paralympic Committee, Romania organised yesterday a Paralympic Day at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Complex in Izvoran yesterday, 12 November from 11am-14.00. The objective was to attract young athletes with motor disabilities to practise a new paralympic sport and if they wanted to give them the opportunity to reach performance. The sports that were on display yesterday were Archery, Table Tennis and Wheelchair tennis. We were honoured to have present our Patron, His Royal Highness Prince Radu who was very impressed with the ability of our athletes and we thank him for his presence. The event was a great succes – altogether we had 32 athletes participating – ten of them new to these sports. We would like to thank Filip Ghiorghi who was the main organiser of the event and who organised with Doru Danilet and his family the archery tuition, Ciprian Anton who with Mihai Gaita,Flavian Craciun and Ionut Filisan organised wheelchair tennis and Florin Milciu with players from OK Bucuresti who gave lessons in table tennis. We thank all participants who took the time to travel to Izvorani and join the Romanian Paralympic athletes on this excellent day. We are intending to continue these Paralympic Days in the near future.