Ministry of Young People and Sport and the National Paralympic Committee, Romania

Pierre de Coubertin Program – Through Sport we shall be Equal

Futsal (for the blind) Training Camp

17-20 July Cluj-Napoca, 2013


Under the Pierre de Coubertin ProgramThrough Sport we shall be Equal launched by the Ministry of Young People and Sport and the National Paralympic Committee, Romania a new sport has been introduced in RomaniaFutsal for the blind. The scope of this project was to form 3-4 teams in Romania and later this year in November to hold the first Futsal National Championships.  Finally 16 athletes participated from: Bacau, Bucharest, Buzau and Cluj-Napoca. Optimal conditions were offered to the athletes and trainers taking part: board and accommodation was at the Hotel Sport and the training camp was held at the High School for the Visually Impaired in Cluj. The International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) donated the blindfolds and special balls with bells which help guide the athletes to where the ball is on the ground. Dolce Sport were sponsors of this event and Olympus provided the training T-shirts. A futsal team comprises 1 goalkeeper who can see or has partial vision (B2 and B3) plus 4 players who are completely blind (B1). All players must also wear a blindfold when playing.


A match has two halves of each 25 minutes plus a 10 minute break and each team has the right to have 1 time-out of 1 minute in every half. If the match is equal at the end of 50 mins play then there is a penalty shoot-out to establish the winner.  Only in the final can there be an extra time awarded of two halves of 5 mins eachand if it still remains a draw then there is a penalty shoot-out. The training programme was hard, consisting of two training sessions per day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

On the first morning – 18 July – two trainers Attila Veres and Monica Lukacs explained the rules of the game, how the game should be played and how the behaviour of the players should be on the field. That afternoon physical and orientation exercises  were initiated. The next day was dedicated to team exercises, attack and defence and orientation of the rest of the team and also team spirit and fair play. Monica and Attila, the two trainers,  were excellent, knowing how to attract the interest of the players and to keep them motivated throughout the training.


On the last day three teams were formed: Bucuresti, Bacau si Buzau/Cluj and all their training was put into practice. The matches were great and very close: two resulted in a penalty shoot-out! The results were as follows:


1.     Buzau/ Cluj

2.    Bucuresti

3.    Bacau

This training camp was very successful. The participants not only learnt theory but also practical knowledge.

In addition all teams and their coaches were given advice of how to continue training at their respective towns and already the first National Championships of Futsal are planned for the 15-17 November 2013.



–          HÂRLET MARIUS


–          GRECU ELVIS

–          CUCU VASILE

–          CALOTĂ COSMIN



–          ANTON IONUT


–          DAMIAN VASILE


–          MARIAN SASU plus 1 insotitor


–          PĂUN TIBERIU

–          NISTOR MIHAI

–          GRECU MIHAI



–          ALIN NEDELCU

–          SILEAN PAUL (Guide)



–          VERES ATTILA

–          LUKACS MONICA



–          LĂPĂDATU SORIN (Vice President, NPC Romania)

–          CHERECHES ANCA( Technical Director, NPC Romania)

–           SALLY WOOD-LAMONT ( President, NPC Romania)


National Paralympic Committee, Romania with the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports

“Pierre de Coubertin’’ Programme – Through Sport we are Equal

Futsal for the Blind National Championships

30 November – 1 December, Fabrica de Sport, Cluj-Napoca

Under the Pierre de Coubertin project –  Through Sport we are Equal – launched by the NPC Romania together with the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport a new sport began in Romania – Football for the Blind. The aim of this project was to found 3-5 teams in Romania and from them create a national team.

Four teams – Bacau/Cluj, Bucharest, Buzau and Mures battled it out for the National the Fabrica de Sport grounds.  The weather – though only 4o – was sunny and warm in the sun. Ulrich Pfisterer is a former German football player and coach. Since 2007 he has been Head Coach of Blind Football Team Germany and of MTV Stuttgart. He was elected Chairman of the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) Football Sports Committee at the IBSA General Assembly in Copenhagen in August 2013. Sally Wood-Lamont elected European President of IBSA also in August, invited Ulrich to come to Cluj to help the trainers, referees and players with his excellent knowledge of the game.


The results of the National Championships were:

  1. Bacau
  2. Bucharest
  3. Buzau/Cluj

The results of the International Romanian Cup were:

  1. Bacau
  2. Moldavia
  3. Bucharest

Pro TV, Digi Sport, and Transilvania Live were there to record this momentous event. Already the new National Romanian team chosen by Ulrich has been promised two friendly matches in Dormund in April before their first major tournament with six other former Eastern European countries in May 2014. Buzau have already started a junior under 17 team so Blind Football in Romania is here to stay! NPC Romania is very grateful to the Pierre de Coubertin project which has assisted us so greatly in initiating a new paralympic team sport under the NPC umbrella. Ulrich informed us that Romania was at a higher level than Hungary and the Czech Republic who have been playing internationally for over 5 years. It would be great if we could qualify a blind football team for Tokyo 2020.